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Poster: coolcatdaddy Date: Aug 21, 2010 8:37pm
Forum: oldtimeradio Subject: Re: What Is Gone

"I think we have to question whether this section of the Internet Archive is a good idea and whether anyone can say that any of this stuff is public domain. The best I could say is that it was mostly treated that way for 50-70 years."

That's a bit hasty, in my opinion.

There are some otr programs that have clear lines of copyright and ownership, usually syndicated programs that were run for several years in the otr era but sometimes network shows where the characters and scripts were protected by the owners over time.

However, there are many others that can be pretty safely looked at as pd material. There are programs produced for government agencies or syndicated programs where the company that produced it and/or sponsored it doesn't exist anymore.

"Something changed here now. Radio Spirits has sworn under penalty of perjury that they own the materials they issued the DMCA takedown notices for. That's different from vague threats from Carl Amari when his list of ownership in radio programs was a trade secret and Radio Spirits was taking broad potshots."

RS's list of shows they control is still proprietary information - they don't publish it. You're only seeing the list of programs in these threads that they've chosen to claim rights on right now.

In some cases, RS is acting on shows they own the copyright on, which they've purchased from other parties. In others, they're saying that an estate or entity that they license from is telling them that they control a particular series or set of shows.